Lutheran Liturgical Prayer Brotherhood
"Behold, how good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity." Psalm 133:1 

THE LUTHERAN LITURGICAL PRAYER BROTHERHOOD is a voluntary group of confessional Lutheran Christians which encourages its members to pray, especially making use of the Psalms and Holy Scripture. We accept without reservation the Scriptures of the Old and New Testament as the written Word of God and the only rule and norm of faith and practice, and all the Symbolical Books of the Evangelical Lutheran Church as a true and unadulterated statement and exposition of the Word of God. We strive to use the best of western Christian liturgy, prayers, and music—especially the ecclesiastical choral music known commonly as Gregorian Chant—as it has come down to us in our Evangelical Lutheran Church. We value an orderly discipline of prayer, frequent communion, and private confession. We pray for each other and meet together, as we are able, to pray and sing the liturgy.

There are no yearly dues, vows, or other binding membership requirements above and beyond what is necessary to be a confessional Lutheran Christian.  Retreats are hosted by Lutheran congregations.

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The Brotherhood Prayer Book: Second Revised Edition is printed and ready to pray. The welcome which the Brotherhood Prayer Book received since its publication in late 2004 has far surpassed our expectations. The looming end to the first print run of the Brotherhood Prayer Book, the many corrections posted at, and the desire to produce a prayer book more complete with music and rubrics has led us to create this second revised edition of the Brotherhood Prayer Book.

The most noticeable change in the second edition of the Brotherhood Prayer Book is the new music. All of the responsories, antiphons for the Magnificat, invitatories, and the Venite now have their proper Gregorian melodies. The new music has increased the content of the book by about 50%. The second edition also is now in a more convenient size, being the same size as a hymnal, and comes with seven ribbons. The second edition has marginal page references to the first edition, so that groups can use both editions together and still avoid confusion. The second edition is also graced by the beautiful liturgical artwork of Mr. Edward Riojas. Introducing sections of the BPB, each of the 26 original drawings combines theology and piety to give the user a fitting focus for prayer. Indices allow the user to find particular Psalm tones, and hymns by their English and Latin names. Finally, a Lutheran book of liturgical hours with all 150 Psalms and Old Testament Canticles in English and pointed with the Reformation Gregorian tones.  Add beautiful, ancient hymns and historic responsories to your daily discipline of prayer.

To purchase The Brotherhood Prayer Book, visit our friends at . Go there to see more pictures of the BPB.

Listen to Rev. Benjamin Mayes speak about Gregorian Chant on the radio program Issues, Etc. (MP3) Note: You'll have to fast-forward to the second half-hour of the program.

The links at the bottom of this page contain samples of the chants being sung, in MP3 format. These files may be downloaded for free. To order a CD of the chants (MP3 format), visit and scroll to the bottom. Note: The chants are presented here merely for instructional purposes. These are not professional-quality recordings.

What is the history of books like The Brotherhood Prayer Book? What is the BPB's place in that history? Read the answer to these questions in a paper written by Rev. Benjamin T. G. Mayes in PDF

The Brotherhood Prayer Book has received glowing reviews:

This book is a clear breakthrough, a great gift to the American Church. … [The saints of old] put their lives on the line, and they did so, incidentally, so that we could be beneficiaries of the faith they handed down. Only somehow in all the upheaval of centuries of confusion, their music was relegated to the back room, where, if Steven Spielberg is right, the Ark of the Covenant is also stored. Well, our guys, to their credit, have found it (the music, that is, not the Ark), dusted it off, and brought it forth for our use. -- Burnell F. Eckardt Jr. ( Read the entire review.)

In short, the Brotherhood Prayer Book is a fully catholic book of hours refracted through the lens of the Lutheran confessions. … Boiled down to core essences, the Brotherhood Prayer Book is the only option within Lutheranism for one to pray the hours in a form reminiscent of the catholic West.  In other words, it is the one that most truly deserves the descriptor of “Lutheran breviary.” -- Eric Ryniker (Read the entire review.)

 Introduction to Gregorian Psalmody (pp. 8-19)*
Rubrics (pp. 11-13)
The Ordinary MP3! (pp. 20-58)
Lection Tones, Collect Terminations, and Alleluia Antiphons MP3! (pp. 75-80)
The Canticles and Psalms, with Antiphons MP3! (pp. 81-263)
Propers for Praying the Hours MP3! (pp. 264-384)
Resources for Prayer Book
Psalm Prayers
Prayer Retreats
Questions and Comments on the Brotherhood Prayer Book

*All page numbers refer to the Brotherhood Prayer Book, 1st edition.

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The Rev. Chaplain Michael N. Frese
The Rev. Dr. Benjamin T. G. Mayes