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This page contains links for various Brotherhood Prayer Book resources.

  • Corrigenda pages for the Brotherhood Prayer Book: Text Edition. There are two pages that are lacking some text. This PDF is formatted so that you can clip it and put it into your BPB Text Edition.

  • Organ accompaniment for the eight Psalm tones.

  • Sacrosanctae Ecclesiae Confessionis Augustanae Preces, Editio 1.2 (8.3 MB .pdf) — These prayers, antiphons, etc. are all from Lutheran liturgical books, predominantly from the 16th and 17th century. Document is printed as a booklet. Print double-sided, cut in the middle, trim to 8" x 5" (optional), and bind.

  • Prayer Book Audio and Resource CD. A CD containing the audio files for the complete Four-Week Psalter. Files are organized by Week, Day and Office. Just add the files to your Media Player playlist, or copy to your MP3 player. Seasonal hymns are also included in a separate folder. A batch of prayer book resources (hymn lists, instructions for use, etc.) is also on the CD. To order, send your request to: Rev. Mark Buetow, 455 E. North St.
    Du Quoin, IL 62832 with a donation of $5 per CD, in order to defray postage and material costs. (Send a check to the address above; CDs will be mailed upon order).

  • Corrigenda pages for the Brotherhood Prayer Book. (Updated May 11, 2006 A+D). These are corrections based on two years of constant use and many suggestions from the brethren.

  • The homepage of the Liturgischer Singkreis Jena (Liturgical Choral Club of Jena) has information on retreats and on the Evangelisch-Lutherische Gebetsbrüderschaft.

  • Using English Chant Psalm tones with the Brotherhood Prayer Book is possible. Here's how.

  • Psalm Tone Distribution Table—Only know one or two Psalm tones? Find the Psalms that use the tones you know by using this index.

  • Das Hohe Osterfest—"The High Feast of Easter." These are additional propers for Easter and its octave, containing antiphons, responsories, hymns, and more. Source: Breviarium Lipsiensae, the German breveriary of the Evangelisch-Lutherische Gebetsbrüderschaft in Germany.

  • Seasonal Psalm Tones—These tones may be used when the Brotherhood Prayer Book does not specify any tone, such as for responsories and canticles in the Seasonal Propers, Saint’s Day Propers, and Common of Saints.

  • Gospel Canticles Insert—Print and use this insert as a bookmark for the Seasonal Propers (pp. 296-353), the Saint's Day Propers (pp. 354-368), and the Common of Saints (pp. 368-384).

  • Marking your Prayer Book—Instructions for Tabs and Ribbons—Click here for instructions on how to use tabs and ribbons to maximize the usability of your Brotherhood Prayer Book.

  • Try this daily lectionary.  The New Testament is divided into two months.  The Old Testament is divided into a year.  The Book of Concord and the Apocrypha are divided over a 3/4 year leaving room for supplemental reading from Luther or other church theologians for the remainder of the year. The Small Catechism is divided into a seven day rotation.  Thanks to Scott Schreiber, most of the lectionary is web-linked to online resources. 

  • Using the Lutheran Worship Psalm tones is possible with the Brotherhood Prayer Book.  Here's how.

  • Get a free CD of "Compline—The Order of Night Prayer" from the Brotherhood Prayer Book when you order from

  • One hour Gregorian Chant Workshop at Our Savior Lutheran Church, Grand Rapids, Michigan. (This MP3 is a large, 30 Mb, file.)



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