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Pastor Frese was asked to participate in a Panel Discussion on the proposed Amendment on Marriage.  He was given the opportunity to speak for 10 minutes in favor of defining marriage as between one man and one woman.  Read his comments here.

Every year Concordia Theological Seminary in Fort Wayne hosts an educational extension course that takes place in Madison, Wisconsin.  On July 11-15, 2005, Dr. John Kleinig, theological professor within the Lutheran Church of Australia taught 30 registered students (pastors and laity) the Holiness of God as contained within the book of Leviticus.  A special thanks to Calvary Lutheran Chapel for hosting us two years running.

The links below are MP3 recordings of his lectures.  (They are large files--between 9 and 20 megabytes a piece).

Lecture 1 Lecture 5 Lecture 9 Lecture 13 Lecture 17
Lecture 2 Lecture 6 Lecture 10 Lecture 14 Lecture 18
Lecture 3 Lecture 7 Lecture 11 Lecture 15 Lecture 19
Lecture 4 Lecture 8 Lecture 12 Lecture 16