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These propers are made possible by the work of the Reverend Benjamin T. G. Mayes (Associate Pastor of Our Savior Lutheran Church, Grand Rapids, Mich.), Bonnie L. Gruepink (Secretary of Emmanuel Lutheran Church, Adell, Wis.), and the Reverend Michael N. Frese (US Army Chaplain, Mannheim, Germany).  They are a work "in progress" and will contain some errors.  The errors are being corrected as the propers are used.  If you have any comments, corrections or questions, feel free to email Pastor Frese at the e-mail on the HomePage.

The Sunday Propers

The Propers below are downloadable in Microsoft Publisher or PDF.  The columns to the right of the Liturgical Day are MP3 recordings to aid pastors in the conduct of the liturgy.  To view the notation in the Microsoft Publisher documents, you must have the Melody Fonts from Meinrad.

bullet Advent
bullet Christmas
bullet Epiphany
bullet Pre-Lent and Lent
bullet Easter
bullet Trinity
bullet Moveable-Feast Day Propers

The Ordinaries Sung from The Lutheran Hymnal

The Gloria in Excelsis

The Proper Preface(s)

Advent PDF MP3
Christmas PDF MP3
Epiphany PDF MP3
Lent PDF MP3
Passion PDF MP3
Easter PDF MP3
Ascension PDF MP3
Whitsunday PDF MP3
Trinity PDF MP3
Days of Apostles and Evangelists PDF MP3

The Lord's Prayer

The Words of Institution  PDF    MP3

The Thanksgiving with Collect

The Benediction